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I love that this dish incorporates so many colors, textures, and tastes. Don’t the veggies look so tantalizing there all together? Oh, and the sauce. I could have sipped the sauce alone. I love peanut butter. Love love love it. I even named my dog Peanut Butter. So when I can eat it on pasta, […]

I’m not really one to follow recipes, so when I get in the mood to make something familiar, I do it off the top of my head. As is the case with my deviled eggs. People seem to like them, no matter what I put in them (which varies based on the contents of the […]

My Grandma always used to make this dish in the summertime, as a cool snack on a hot day or a warm topping for ice cream or anything else I could dig up to put it on. It’s ridiculously simple, and only three ingredients. It makes the kitchen smell divine, and it’s incredibly tasty. I’d […]

Edamame Hummus


I love hummus, but don’t have it too often. (If we buy it, I’ll eat it all, so we don’t buy it 🙂 We had some last week at the Viens’s and I was feeling inspired. I had heard that Trader Joe’s does an Edamame Hummus and I thought that sounded interesting (although I’ve never […]

The cafeterias in college always used to have those fried little ravioli-lookin’ things that were stuffed with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. And they were every sorority girl’s guilty pleasure. I mean, fried pizza? You can’t really go wrong. So when I stumbled across this recipe on Our Best Bites, I had to try it. It’s […]

My forays into the world of Italian Spicy Sausage are recent, but welcome! I’ve only just begun to experiment with it. I like my pasta to have lots of sauce or topping or whatever on it–I sometimes think of pasta as more like a stir fry ingredient, where it’s just one of many ingredients in […]

You’re probably thinking “what? banana cookies?” and you’re right–they’re weird. But tasty! I saw the recipe on Tastespotting last week, and thought I’d try it. I’m glad I did. I brought the cookies into work today to celebrate/mourn Jen’s last day. Everyone at the office is always happy to try my baked goods, and I’m […]