From Ketchup to Chutney (of the Mango variety)


My mom is a wonderful cook. She is passionate, talented, and exploratory. And she had me eating pesto before red sauce, and salmon before PB&J.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t taste PB&J, mac ‘n cheese, OR chicken nuggets until college. Is that normal?

I used to hate this fact. I yearned to be a normal kid–even a picky eater–so I’d fit in with friends. But my tastebuds began to develop on their own and didn’t leave me much say in the matter. Sitting down to dinner a few days ago, I realized I was cooking more and more like Mom. And that it wasn’t a bad thing.

The name of this blog, From Ketchup to Chutney, is a tribute to a summer day almost 15 years ago. Mom was cooking hot dogs (although they were really some sort of sausage she was passing off as hot dogs). I wanted mine simple, on a white bun with ketchup and a little bit of mustard. But in our house? Not a chance. The menu was hot dogs in whole wheat pita pockets, with mango chutney. I believe I threw a fit. How things change…

Today I still have the occasional craving for a good hot dog with the works. But I’m more likely to prepare apple chicken sausage on a bed of arugula with a balsamic reduction. To each her own, right? 😉

As I’ve grown older, I’ve started to appreciate gourmet foods more. I’d say cooking is my biggest hobby. I hope to be able to share with you some of my favorite recipes, both gourmet and easy.



6 Responses to “From Ketchup to Chutney (of the Mango variety)”

  1. 1 Kathy

    Greetings from SYR! Yum, from the looks of your pics you are on your way to being as good a cook as your mom (I worked w/ her & will miss her – happy retirement!). I love reading & cooking from food blogs and will add yours to my list! Good cooking/eating/blogging!

  2. Ah, I stumbled across your blog from tastespotting and have just accidentally read through the whole thing… looking forward to your next post! I love how everything you make looks amazing and realistic for my crappy kitchen and student budget.

    Happy Eating!

  3. What a wonderful story, I have always felt blessed to have a mother who cooked her all different types of food too! You have wonderful pictures and I love the tone you’ve set for the site, pleasure to meet you 🙂

  4. Anddd. I have been following you for at least six months now, how did I never know you were from the Boston area…?! Clearly, that’s where I am, too.

    Want to do a blog swap sometime soon? I have a ton of great recipes..


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