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I recently (finally) read Ruth Reichl’s first bestselling book, Tender at the Bone, which has effectively quadrupled my list of recipes to make. As such, I’ll be cooking my way through the book over the next few weeks and posting my results here. So if you see a post with (RR) in the title, that’s […]

This recipe is originally from Cooking Light magazine, but it’s so delicious I don’t know whether I can believe it’s actually light! It’s cheesy and creamy and… bacon-y! If you don’t love butternut squash, this recipe might change your mind. Then again, cover anything in cheese and bacon and it instantly becomes great anyway. This […]

To be honest, I’ve never really eaten figs before. Sure I’ve had fig newtons, and even figs on pizza. But I’d never popped a whole fresh fig into my mouth as a snack. But I’m glad that’s changed now! I’ve been wanting to try a fig appetizer and I’ve seen lots that use goat cheese […]

Breakfast is hard. During the week it’s a coffee and fruit or a pop tart at work. But on the weekend, when there’s time, breakfast can be one of the most fun meals to make. It’s a whole new world of traditional ingredients, flavors and dishes. On the weekend we can take the time to […]

Oh, hey Rain&Clouds. Haven’t seen you in a while. Sure, come on over and ruin any chance I might have to take a decent photo anywhere in the apartment. I don’t mind! This summer is seriously the rainiest summer I’ve ever lived through. And I know that’s not saying a lot, but c’mon–I looked at […]

I’m so sad I waited almost an entire year to try this recipe. The same issue of Real Simple that featured the Roast Chicken and Arugula Salad recipe as part of a collection of hearty salads, also featured this recipe for Moroccan Lamb Salad with Carrots and Mint. There are a couple reasons I’ve breezed […]

These were really, really good. I don’t always go for cakes/cupcakes (I’m more of a cookie/brownie girl) but some occasions call for cake-like things–like the 4th of July or a friend’s birthday. These cupcakes might make it into rotation more often, though, because they were so incredibly good. (Don’t tell anyone but I just ate […]