Fig and Goat Cheese in Prosciutto



To be honest, I’ve never really eaten figs before. Sure I’ve had fig newtons, and even figs on pizza. But I’d never popped a whole fresh fig into my mouth as a snack. But I’m glad that’s changed now! I’ve been wanting to try a fig appetizer and I’ve seen lots that use goat cheese and prosciutto. Most involve broiling the wraps, or grilling them. But since I’d never really had figs before, I really wanted to taste them. I’m glad we went this route because I like all of these ingredients fresh/raw and chilled. These were easy to make and great as an appetizer or as a light lunch on a hot day. Especially good with fresh ground pepper on top! (Do try this!)

These were sweet and creamy, and the figs have such a unique texture with the seeds lending a little bite of grit. Try a fig all by itself first if you’ve never had one 😉

Figs and Goat Cheese in Prosciutto (makes 10, serves two)
5 Fresh Figs, halved, ends removed
3 oz Goat Cheese, chilled
5 slices Prosciutto, halved lengthwise
Fresh Ground Pepper

Put a small dab of cheese on top of each fig half, and wrap in prosciutto. The prosciutto is sticky enough that you shouldn’t need a toothpick or anything to keep the wraps together. Grind pepper over the top and serve raw.



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  1. I’m making an appetizer for a friend’s wedding next week. All she told me is that she wanted something with figs…and then I stumbled across this lovely recipe. Its perfect! I’m quite sure this is the appetizer I need to make for her wedding. Thanks!

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