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Well that’s a mouthful, isn’t it! I didn’t want to leave out any of the flavors in the title of this recipe, but even so I think I may have skipped some! This was sort of a fridge clean-out dinner that was so tasty I’ll probably make it again. The goat cheese and the roasted […]

Happy Monday, everyone! I can’t believe how fast August is flying by. Before I know it we will be in our new apartment with a new kitchen and missing our old roommates and old house. Chris gets home from his Eurotrip this week, then we pack, celebrate his birthday on Monday, and move on Tuesday! […]

Well, this isn’t exactly something you would try at home… unless you have a pooch as spoiled as mine! For her birthday, I wanted to make her something special. I knew there were recipes out there for home-made biscuits and things like that, but a) our oven is still broken and b) it’s a hundred […]

While up in the Adirondacks with the fam this past weekend, we made a special birthday dinner–to celebrate all the August birthdays going on. Me, my Aunt Peggy, and Peanut. Yes the dog. She will be three tomorrow. (Keep your eye out for some homemade doggie treats on here soon…) I may have mentioned that […]

Pesto, Two Ways


When I left the food shoot last Monday I came home with not only leftover desserts, but a whole bunch of fresh mint, originally intended for garnish! I started digging around for recipes, and that’s when I made the lamb/mint pizza. Well that used about 10% of the mint I brought home so I knew […]

Wow, guys, let me try to express how busy last week was. I had three out-of-town houseguests, a boyfriend who himself is out of town (Europe, to be exact), one dinner/movie night with the girls, one Red Sox game to attend, and one delicious lasagna dinner made by said houseguests. All of which added up […]

Well I had quite the birthday weekend! How was yours? In the last 96 hours I: Drove 5 hours to Long Island and 5 hours back Went clamming for the first time, which was crazy fun Ate fresh homemade clam sauce, crazy good Ate two birthday cakes (What can I say, I have great friends!) […]