Lamb and Mint Pizza with Feta



Well I had quite the birthday weekend! How was yours? In the last 96 hours I:

  • Drove 5 hours to Long Island and 5 hours back
  • Went clamming for the first time, which was crazy fun
  • Ate fresh homemade clam sauce, crazy good
  • Ate two birthday cakes (What can I say, I have great friends!)
  • Turned twenty-four
  • Dropped off Chris in NYC for his flight to Europe (he’ll be gone 2.5 weeks!)
  • Picked up my best high school friend Sara who is staying with me for a week
  • Went to my first professional food photo shoot, and ate the leftovers–dessert!
  • Made plans to see Julie&Julia tonight! (with my best girl friends)
  • … and made delicious Lamb and Mint Pizza with Feta to show you guys!

Whew! What a few days! The trip down to LI was short but sweet, and I can’t wait to go back. The food photo shoot yesterday was awesome–I tried to pick up some tricks and tips. What did I learn? Patience!! And good lighting make all the difference. And a great collection of props (note to self: start scouring craigslist for neat finds). I can’t wait to get back into the kitchen and plan with my food! In addition to the Boston Creme squares, lemon bars, and brownie truffles left over from the shoot, there was a large bunch of fresh mint used for garnish, all of which I was lucky enough to bring home. I wanted to use the mint for dinner, and searched around for a recipe that looked good enough to try. I was in luck, and found this recipe over on SippitySup. My version was pretty yummy and would be great to make on the grill if you have one! Fun summer recipe.

Lamb and Mint Pizza with Feta (makes 2 small pizzas)
2 small Flatbread Pizza Crusts (homemade, store bought, in a tube, whatever!)
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
2 Leeks, rinsed and cut up
2 bunches Scallions, chopped
1/4 cup Mint, chopped, plus extra for garnish
1/4 cup Parsley, chopped
3/4 lb Lamb (I used a full pound and it was too much.)
3/4 cup Feta, crumbled

Preheat to 500. Heat the oil in a skillet and cook the leeks and scallions until soft. Stir in the herbs. Cook the lamb through, and crumble. Drain the excess fat. Layer the veggies, lamb, and feta on the crusts and bake 10-15 minutes until edges are golden! Salt and Pepper and you’re ready to eat! This was tasty dunked into a little bit of sweet pizza sauce as well.



5 Responses to “Lamb and Mint Pizza with Feta”

  1. 1 Tim

    Looks good! Is that ground lamb that you use, and is it cooked first?

    I had a similar thing once with two sauces drizzled sparingly over it. The first was a spicy chilli sauce, the other was a mixture of greek yoghurt, tahini, and salt. Simple food, and very tasty.

  2. I like it! I have tried making a spinach – feta pizza, but this seems like an even better combo!

  3. Looks like the photo shoot provided great tips – love that you shot this pizza against a green checkered tablecloth! – and that you had a great weekend. Happy birthday!

  4. 4 Ben

    That sounds like an amazing weekend. I am glad you had so much fun. And that pizza sounds amazing! I never thought about using mint for pizza.

  5. 5 katemotter

    Tim – Yep the lamb is cooked and crumbled on top! I bet the yogurt/tahini sauce one was awesome!

    Luke – I’m adding spinach feta pizza to my list of things to try… I love it in omelets, why not on pizza!

    Shannalee – Thanks girl! I’m gonna have to hit up the dollar store for more props and cloths 😉

    Ben – Thanks 🙂 The mint was great! I have another recipe ready to post with mint in it… stay tuned… it’s been another busy weekend!

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