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So I’ve been getting a lot of great tips lately from Apartment Therapy’s food/kitchen blog,, and when I saw this recipe on there I thought I absolutely had to try it – and conveniently, we had everything on hand already! The ingredients are few and common, but they produce a sauce flavor and texture […]

Well if the weather is not going to cooperate (80 degrees on Wednesday!?), I will bring Fall into our lives via the dinner table. This weekend saw these yummy chops, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin loaf, and our cold(er) weather staple, the ‘family’ meat sauce (more on that to come!). And although I sat outside in […]

These were so fun! Easy to make and fun to eat. Who doesn’t like dipping things into stuff? Especially when those things are stuffed with more stuff! May I introduce… Easy Cheesy Turkey Dippers. Ha, when did this blog turn into a kids cookbook? I don’t know. But if I had kids, I bet they’d […]

Corn on the cob always reminds me of my Grandma and Grandpa. When I was little I used to go out to visit them on the farm in Ohio, always during the summers, when we’d have corn on the cob with every meal. Grandma always kept a little bowl of those stabby things you stick […]

I may not have mentioned it before, but I love leeks. They are such a skipped-over little onion-like veggie, that deserve way more credit than they get. Some day I will post an awesome pasta recipe I have that uses leeks in the sauce. But seriously, these guys cook up so nice and tender and […]

Well. Hello there. I’ve missed you! The last couple weeks have been absolutely crazy. With Chris coming home from Europe, celebrating his birthday, packing up our house and carrying everything across the street, starting to unpack, then escaping to Bar Harbor for the long weekend… well, I haven’t had much opportunity to cook. Finally that […]

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See what I’m working with, people? I wasn’t kidding. Really. Don’t believe me? How about this: Yes the couches are standing on end. We need to screw the feet back on. This is my life this week! I promise I’ll start cooking and baking again soon. I owe some people some cake! Until then… take […]