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Every single food magazine I’ve gotten this month has featured turkey. Turkey for Thanksgiving. How to cook it, how to serve it, what to serve it with, what to do with the leftovers. 1-2 months of food magazines dedicated to one 2-hour meal. Granted, it may be one of the biggest meals of the year, […]

We’ve been eating a lot of apple desserts lately, but when Katie’s birthday came around, I kinda figured that if the cake didn’t have chocolate in it, it wasn’t gonna fly. I was right – in some instances, if it’s not chocolate it’s just not worth the calories. Well, let me tell you, this one […]

There was a day, about two years ago, that I decided to scrap the leftovers I had brought to work for my lunch, and go out and get something warm instead. This was unusual, as I don’t like to spend money on lunch, but it must’ve been fate because I ended up at Au Bon […]

Mmm, one of the best fall treats there is. Roasted pumpkin seeds! Ever since I was a little kid carving pumpkins on the kitchen floor, I’ve known to save the seeds for this yummy snack. Over the course of the last week or so I’ve scooped out the seeds of two different pumpkins (and I […]

It doesn’t get more Autumn than apple pie. The smell, the taste, the fruit, the process. I know I promised you roasted pumpkin seeds (and I’ll deliver!) but these pie pics were screaming to me. I mean, really? Who doesn’t love a good apple pie, cooling on the windowsill? How very grandma’s-house-in-the-country. Whether you’re just […]

As many of you know, Monday brought some very sad news to both the magazine industry and the food world – both of which are clearly important to me. Publishing conglomerate Conde Nast made the very hard but important decision to close four of their titles, as well as requiring the rest to submit budget […]

Remember how I’ve said that my top 5 favorite foods included pasta bolognese? This is that. And if you make this, your list might change to include it too. This is my number one favorite meal of all time. Seiously people. ALL TIME. Could eat it all day, every day. So it’s a good thing […]