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Today, in Boston, it is grey and rainy and generally dreary. Which is, if you ask me, a perfect example of how I feel about going back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday. All of the planning, the cooking, the eating, seeing family and friends, traveling, and relaxing is over, and we’re back to work… […]

These little guys don’t look too threatening. But then you realize that over the course of one episode of Gossip Girl you’ve eaten approx. 57 of them. Then you remember the 1/2 cup of dough that you ate before they were even baked, and on top of that you had to eat at least 5 […]

On our first Valentine’s together, Chris and I attempted to make stuffed flank steak with sun dried tomatoes and cheese, with a fancy fondue for dessert. The steak roll was so salty it was inedible and I totally messed up the rice that was supposed to go with it… I don’t think we even made […]

I wanted to share this recipe up because it’s so easy to make (a lot easier than taking a good food photo when it’s dark out!), and really good. Salmon and capers have always been linked in my mind; my mom always made them together when I was younger, and so many delicious recipes use […]

Warning: these cookies could cause you to gain like, 10 pounds, overnight. Just a head’s up. They’re the size of a baseball pre-cooked, an inch+ think out of the oven, and chock full of walnuts and chocolate chips. Just the way a cookie should be. Last winter, I had the pleasure of visiting Levain Bakery […]

My my. I know there have been a higher than normal number of orange-colored soups appearing here as of late (like this and this). But bear with me just one more time because this one is a keeper. For real. Keeper! Yum! This butternut squash soup is so low in calories, and so rich with […]

When I was younger, I didn’t want much to do with any kind of cookie that wasn’t chocolate chip. Lucky for my Mom. She got these cookies all to herself until around my senior year of high school, when I decided to try one. And then proceeded to eat the rest. For some reason, dried […]