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One of my New Years Resolutions is to eat more vegetables, and more vegetable-based dishes. Why? Lots of reasons. Veggies are good for you. Eating veggies in place of meat is good for the planet, especially if you make a conscious effort to eat local, sustainable produce. (Hello, summer CSA!) And also, veggies are tasty! […]

The third and final thing I made for our New Year’s Eve party were these little puffs. Ham and cheese sandwiches for grown-ups. We served them with dijon mustard, even! They were great. You know how I get excited about piping things… I’ll take any chance I can get to use a pastry bag! I’ve […]

These little toasts are perfect for snacking, appetizers, cocktail parties, Superbowl parties, breakfast, or any time really! You can freeze them for up to two weeks, and pop them in the oven as needed, or you can whip up a whole batch at once and please even the most gourmet of house guests. Ruth Reichl […]