Chocolate Cookies with Pistachios and Cranberries


These cookies were a big hit during the “Twelve Days of Cookies” at my office. I had Day Two, and since it was pretty early on, I wanted something that was especially Christmas-y. These rich dark chocolate cookies with green pistachios and red cranberries fit the bill perfectly. The recipe is loosely adapted from a few other cookie recipes I’ve made over the years, but I definitely had Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies in mind.

Chocolate Cookies with Pistachios and Cranberries (makes approx 3 dozen)
8.5 oz Scharffenberger Chocolate (70% cocoa)
1 1/3 cup Flour
1/2 cup Cocoa Powder
1 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
1 1/4 cup Brown Sugar
1/2 cup Butter
2 Eggs
1 cup Pistachios
3/4 cup Cranberries

Chop the chocolate into small pieces and microwave at 15 second intervals until melted. Set aside to cool slightly.

Combine  the flour, cocoa powder, and baking soda. In a large bowl, cream together the butter and brown sugar until smooth and then add the egg. Mix in the dry ingredients a third at a time. The dough will be dry but that’s OK. Pour in the melted chocolate and mix well.

Finally, fold in the cranberries and pistachios as best you can.

Preheat the oven to 325. Use your hands to form 2-3 Tbsp ‘patties’ with the dough. Place 2-3 inches apart on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a silpat. Bake 15 minutes and allow to cool on the sheet.

Cookies should last, in an air-tight container, up to a week!


2 Responses to “Chocolate Cookies with Pistachios and Cranberries”

  1. 1 aaron

    hell yeah!

  2. 2 Mom

    Wow – these look great. I’m setting aside this recipe for next Christmas. No more cookies for awhile in this house, however. At least not until my ski clothes fit comfortably once again . . .

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