Roasted Tomato and Artichoke Soup


Santa brought me an immersion blender for Christmas, and I must admit, I’ve been going a little crazy blending things. I’ve made a couple really great soups and this is the first of those. This soup was crazy easy and very tasty. However, if I did it again I would use only half the amount (14 oz) of Fire-Roasted tomatoes and substitute plain diced tomatoes for the other half, to cut down on the heat a little. This batch was VERY spicy! I ate this soup with melty gruyere on toast, for a slightly more sophisticated take on the childhood favorite Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup 🙂

Roasted Tomato and Artichoke Soup (makes 4 servings) adapted from A Couple Cooks
2 Tbsp Butter
1 Onion
1 Clove Garlic
3 Bay Leaves
28 oz Fire-Roasted Diced Tomatoes (or 14 oz, and 14 oz of plain diced tomatoes)
21 oz (about 1.5 cans) Canned Artichokes (with the water they come in)
1 cup Milk (I used skim)
1/2 tsp Oregano

Saute the onions, garlic, and bay leaves in the butter until the onions are translucent. Roughly chop the artichokes and add them to the pot, along with the water they came in. Dump in the tomatoes, and once the mixture is bubbling, add the milk. Once bubbling again, using an immersion blender, or transferring to a regular blender and back, puree the soup to your preferred consistency. I like it somewhere just before smooth and creamy. Add the oregano, and taste. Salt and pepper accordingly. Serve with cheesy crostini if you like!



One Response to “Roasted Tomato and Artichoke Soup”

  1. 1 elle

    This was very inspirational: making a take on this tonight.

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