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These are super quick and easy to whip up in an afternoon when you are craving something a little sweet and hot and fresh. They were the perfect vessel for the Meyer Lemon Curd that my mom got me for my birthday, as well! I used a basic buttermilk scone recipe, with a few tweaks. […]

Caprese Muffins


These muffins are the third installment of work muffins – I really love bringing muffins into work, because I get to try out all sorts of new recipes that I’ve had an eye on, and brand new ones I’ve searched out as well. Coworkers seem¬†appreciative¬†too, which always helps! I’ve sort of made a personal promise […]

Wow, guys, let me try to express how busy last week was. I had three out-of-town houseguests, a boyfriend who himself is out of town (Europe, to be exact), one dinner/movie night with the girls, one Red Sox game to attend, and one delicious lasagna dinner made by said houseguests. All of which added up […]

Breakfast is hard. During the week it’s a coffee and fruit or a pop tart at work. But on the weekend, when there’s time, breakfast can be one of the most fun meals to make. It’s a whole new world of traditional ingredients, flavors and dishes. On the weekend we can take the time to […]

There have been a few food bloggers lately who have resurrected a 2007 recipe from the New York Times for Rhubarb Coffee Cake – amid this excitement, I’ve made the treat twice now. The first time, inspired by Smitten Kitchen‘s making of it, Laura, Katie, and I headed to the market for fresh rhubarb and […]