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Did you know February 5th was World Nutella Day? If you didn’t, it’s ok to celebrate late 🙂 Start with this crazy easy tart made with a Graham Cracker and Oreo crust – and pile on the Nutella and whatever fresh fruits you have on hand… This week the grocery store has surprising good looking […]

It doesn’t get more Autumn than apple pie. The smell, the taste, the fruit, the process. I know I promised you roasted pumpkin seeds (and I’ll deliver!) but these pie pics were screaming to me. I mean, really? Who doesn’t love a good apple pie, cooling on the windowsill? How very grandma’s-house-in-the-country. Whether you’re just […]

In the book, Reichl mentions her grandmother’s cook, Alice, and her apple dumplings. This is that recipe. There are so many ways to make apple dumplings – whole apples or chopped apples, all-encompassing shell, or simple crust. Either way you end up with something that’s like apple pie, only in single servings. These turned out […]

To be honest, I’ve never really eaten figs before. Sure I’ve had fig newtons, and even figs on pizza. But I’d never popped a whole fresh fig into my mouth as a snack. But I’m glad that’s changed now! I’ve been wanting to try a fig appetizer and I’ve seen lots that use goat cheese […]

There have been a few food bloggers lately who have resurrected a 2007 recipe from the New York Times for Rhubarb Coffee Cake – amid this excitement, I’ve made the treat twice now. The first time, inspired by Smitten Kitchen‘s making of it, Laura, Katie, and I headed to the market for fresh rhubarb and […]

Chris and I are lucky that we both have moms that have fed us well our whole lives. Chris swears his mom makes the best brownies ever, and in college I remember his care packages being some of the best I’ve seen. This weekend she sent us home with the makings for Strawberry Shortcake for […]

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! It rained on us in the ADKs, but it was still nice to get away. On Saturday we went to a BBQ festival featuring $1 ribs (Buck-a-rib) where we tasted some pretty delicious BBQ. In the rain. But that’s OK. Back at home we had pie […]