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Roasted Tofu


A new Buffalo Wild Wings opened up near where I live, and I stopped by with a friend on the way home from camping last weekend for lunch. I had forgotten what a guilty pleasure the food is there! You’d have thought I’d had enough of it after working there in college, but I ended […]

Here in Boston it’s been in the 90s for the last few days, so recipes for the grill have definitely been catching my eye. Anything to keep the heat out of the house. After the 4th of July and all the cook-outs and camp food this summer (involving all kinds of delicious meats and rich […]

I read Heidi’s Shichimi Mushroom Rice Bowl post over at 101 Cookbooks a few weeks ago and it’s been on my mind ever since. It seemed like a really easy, healthy dinner which was perfect after a weekend of splurging and Superbowl food. I don’t have Shichimi spice mix, but I had a few things […]

Santa brought me an immersion blender for Christmas, and I must admit, I’ve been going a little crazy blending things. I’ve made a couple really great soups and this is the first of those. This soup was crazy easy and very tasty. However, if I did it again I would use only half the amount […]

Not only is this blog over a year old now, but I just had a birthday myself, and birthdays mean lots and lots of good food (well, if you’re me, anyway). In the last week I’ve had some amazing sushi, Italian, and Mexican, in addition to delicious crepes, and an authentic New York bagel (which […]



So apparently I blinked, and suddenly summer was here. Seems like yesterday it was May and we were all thrilled at the prospect of a sunny, 70 degree day. Now we’re all cursing the heat and humidity and running up our electric bills, churning out the A/C. The last thing anyone wants to do on […]

Remember those french toast sticks they used to serve in the cafeteria in elementary school? My first bite of this curried fried tofu totally brought me back there. I don’t know how or why, maybe something about the crunchy outside and the soft semi-flavorless inside (because the similarities end there). Moments like those remind me […]