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I spent Labor Day weekend this year up at Mom’s; helping out at the Farm 2 Fork festival in Saranac Lake, checking out the┬ádamage┬áto the roads from “Hurricane” Irene, listening to more rain pound on the roof, and, of course, doing some cooking. (Also, drinking a few bottles of wine – one I brought home […]

So. I might have mentioned that I grew up with non-traditional kid food. I didn’t eat macaroni and cheese until college. (Why? I don’t know. Everyone in the house loved pasta. And cheese. But anyway…) And I also mentioned that I didn’t really start eating mushrooms until like, yesterday. But now, I love macaroni and […]

I’m not a huge mushroom fan. I like to wonder who first saw a mushroom and thought that it would be good to eat. Especially the kind that grow on… ahem… manure. But Chris loves them, and so I am trying to learn to love them too. This dish is a really good step on […]

Remember how I’ve said that my top 5 favorite foods included pasta bolognese? This is that. And if you make this, your list might change to include it too. This is my number one favorite meal of all time. Seiously people. ALL TIME. Could eat it all day, every day. So it’s a good thing […]

So I’ve been getting a lot of great tips lately from Apartment Therapy’s food/kitchen blog,, and when I saw this recipe on there I thought I absolutely had to try it – and conveniently, we had everything on hand already! The ingredients are few and common, but they produce a sauce flavor and texture […]

Well that’s a mouthful, isn’t it! I didn’t want to leave out any of the flavors in the title of this recipe, but even so I think I may have skipped some! This was sort of a fridge clean-out dinner that was so tasty I’ll probably make it again. The goat cheese and the roasted […]

Happy Monday, everyone! I can’t believe how fast August is flying by. Before I know it we will be in our new apartment with a new kitchen and missing our old roommates and old house. Chris gets home from his Eurotrip this week, then we pack, celebrate his birthday on Monday, and move on Tuesday! […]