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A few months ago I saw this strawberry balsamic flatbread over on Joy The Baker, and pinned it to try sometime, as it looks absolutely delicious. Unfortunately I think I waited a bit too long as fresh berries were no longer available at the farmer’s market (nor were grapes, as the original LA Times recipe called for). Instead, I decided […]

I have a weird thing with Jalapeno Poppers. I love them. I order them out at restaurants whenever I get the chance, and even buy the frozen ones occasionally to heat up at home (or eat frozen, as the case may be. Shhh.) I’d made some fresh a few years ago using Fiber One as […]

Caprese Muffins


These muffins are the third installment of work muffins – I really love bringing muffins into work, because I get to try out all sorts of new recipes that I’ve had an eye on, and brand new ones I’ve searched out as well. Coworkers seem appreciative too, which always helps! I’ve sort of made a personal promise […]

The third and final thing I made for our New Year’s Eve party were these little puffs. Ham and cheese sandwiches for grown-ups. We served them with dijon mustard, even! They were great. You know how I get excited about piping things… I’ll take any chance I can get to use a pastry bag! I’ve […]

These little toasts are perfect for snacking, appetizers, cocktail parties, Superbowl parties, breakfast, or any time really! You can freeze them for up to two weeks, and pop them in the oven as needed, or you can whip up a whole batch at once and please even the most gourmet of house guests. Ruth Reichl […]

Back to work after the Christmas break… This week is always the least productive week of the year for me. Hardly anyone else is in at the office, and no one outside the office responds to emails. So, I can relax, clean up my desk and tie up loose ends before the New Year! And […]

Merry Berries!


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you all are having a wonderful day with family or friends (or both!) My family is gathered in the North Country of the Adirondacks snuggled down in the house, with a fire roaring and gift wrappings everywhere. The cat and the dog are passed out on the couch, having […]