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Well. One over-ambitious cake recipe, two attempts at homemade corn syrup, one attempt at homemade peppermint schnapps, one buttercream adaptation substitution, and eight hours later… and I have this beauty, all ready for New Years Eve! I won’t show you what it looks like after I tried ‘decorating’ it. I’ll just say… I could use […]

Back to work after the Christmas break… This week is always the least productive week of the year for me. Hardly anyone else is in at the office, and no one outside the office responds to emails. So, I can relax, clean up my desk and tie up loose ends before the New Year! And […]

Merry Berries!


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you all are having a wonderful day with family or friends (or both!) My family is gathered in the North Country of the Adirondacks snuggled down in the house, with a fire roaring and gift wrappings everywhere. The cat and the dog are passed out on the couch, having […]

I can’t wait to tell you about this recipe from Joy of Joy The Baker. It’s sweet, salty, and perfect for giving away this Christmas season, or keeping all to yourself! But first, I have some housekeeping to do… I’ve been so busy with shopping and wrapping and shoveling and baking and cooking and etc […]

So. I might have mentioned that I grew up with non-traditional kid food. I didn’t eat macaroni and cheese until college. (Why? I don’t know. Everyone in the house loved pasta. And cheese. But anyway…) And I also mentioned that I didn’t really start eating mushrooms until like, yesterday. But now, I love macaroni and […]